Motor Insurance is available for different types of vehicles which depend on Exact requirements of the owner of the vehicle(s) and Statutory/mandatory requirements under the laws/contracts.
Ur International Insurance Co. undertakes to indemnify the insured for the loss of or damage to the insured's vehicle, its accessories and spare parts resulted from a collision, overturning and it includes also your liability for third party property damage.
Our comprehensive scope of cover extends to protect your own vehicle against the loss and damage arising from fire, self ignition, lightening and thunderbolt. There are other additional extensions such as personal accident. We trust that our motor insurance product is the umbrella which protects your own property.

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4.5% on on-line system through website
5% for non-online system

- Any discount or decrease of rate is subject to discussion and approval of the management and underwriter.
* Terms, Conditions and Exclusions apply

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